Document Management

Allows you to sort, group, search, share and access all case-related documents from anywhere you have access to the internet.

Tasks & Calendar Scheduling

Organizes your tasks and calendars for you so that you never miss another deadline or let something fall between the cracks.

Billing and Invoicing

Track each cases billing status, creates automatic invoicing that can be printed or emailed directly to your clients.

Corporate Reports

Instantly view your firms financials including goal monitoring, team performance, receivables, and much more.

Case“Note Cards”

Create graphic “note cards” that can be categorized, prioritized, sourced, grouped and sorted as you prepare for hearings and trials.

Trial & Hearing Preparation

Allows you to brainstorm as you prepare and review for depositions, opening/closing arguments, witness questioning during trials, etc.

Trust Fund Manager

Manage your client’s Trust funds with easy to use entry functionality. You can view the ledger at a click on button.

Custom Legal Contact Database

Use our proprietary legal contacts database of local attorneys and Courts for Connecticut and Federal Courts and cases. 


Case on Demand will setup your own private web domain and Office 365 Cloud service (as well as https protocols) to make your data air tight


Case Management Software.
Cloud/Server Based with Mobile access.
Document/Email Mangement
Collaborative Work Environment
Billing & Invoicing
Automatice letter/form Templates.
Corporate Executive Reports
Legal Technology Services
Legal Marketing of your Firm
Web Site development
Multimedia creation and editing
Trial exhibit Preparation(PowerPoint, etc.)
Training in PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Outlook, Adobe, Skype, etc.
ON-SITE Technology Assessment
ON-SITE Legal Technical Services
ON-SITE Setup, Training and Support.
ON-SITE Customer Services
ON-SITE Technical Support
ON-SITE Hardware/Software, Setup and training


Point-and-click navigation
Select Cases by name or through Filters
View Case Information just like Tabs in a Notebook
File Documents and emails by Dragging and Dropping
Manage schedules and never miss a SOL Date again
Manage and Reconcile Trust Funds
Easily input billing information and create Invoices
View your Firms financials instantly and automatically
Go directly to Court Information through Customized Links

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